New Damier Graphite Piece availalbe on Eluxury now !!

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  1. These pieces are so LVoely....
    get them before the price increase on Tuesday !!!
  2. How much will the increase be?
  3. thanks for the heads up!
  4. omg I love the Leoh and the Roadster. *drools*

    btw does anyone have more pics of the Leoh?
  5. graphite is so damn expensive....i totally legitimately believe it should be priced with monogram and damier

  6. Actually, I think many of the pieces are priced with the regular monogram and ebene damier, for I see eluxury is selling the graphite brazza wallet for $500.00 which is the exact cost in the other 2 collections.
  7. i cant find the graphite? im looking at the mens catalog