New Damier Geant Small items in Mens section..

  1. Anyone seen these yet? I heard it mentioned a bit back. They are now advertised on the site.
    What do u think?
    I like Damier Geant.. but not so sure if I like the small items.. I'd prefer leather or canvas for smaller things I think.
  2. I like the black clés but 160 euro's is a bit expensive for a clés made out of fabric
  3. i like them but prefer to see it in real life..:tup:
  4. Yeh .. thats what i'm finding hard. Plus I get the feeling that material things that are hand held or touched frequently tend to get very dirty and worn.
  5. I think that they are nice if you have a bag in Damier Geant, then you can have a matching bag and wallet. I like the cles most, if I did have a bag in Damier Geant then I would buy it to hang off the bag.
  6. it is also a bit bigger than the 'normal' cles...but i find the price really steep!
  7. I Damier Geant will fry/ threads will broke faster on small leather goods than on bags, I don't like that.
  8. Quite right...
  9. I worry about this too...