New Damier Geant Items on Eluxury!

  1. They look great!

    Damier Géant Canvas Couguar $860.00

    Damier Géant Canvas Yack $935.00

    Damier Géant Canvas Loup $860.00

    Damier Géant Canvas Albatros $1,150.00
    They are all available in Black and Terre color. I'm in :heart: with the Albatros!
  2. Nice!! Thanks for posting:smile:
  3. Nice, but what kind of name is "yack" - I've always hear "yack" as :throwup: !
  4. I lOVE the LOUP BAG!!!OOOOOH!
  5. Sorry but LOL @ Yack :lol:
  6. these items seem to be priced ~$200 less than most of the rest of the damier geant line...although i havent seen them IRL (to gauge size).

    i like the little totebag-ish bag, and the messenger...but in black i think...
  7. these are gorgeous!
  8. I saw them at the Somerset (Troy, MI) store the other day . . . on the whole, very attractive. I didn't check the prices, so I'm shocked they are so "reasonable." (That is, less expensive than the rest of the range) The albatross is great; a welcome alternative to the other hideous keepall-wannabe in the range.

    If it weren't for the silver hardware I would definitely be considering the Cougar and the Loup.
  9. I like the style of the Cougar:yes: Is it hand-held??

  10. i think i like the Cougar as well... the handles look long enough for shoulder carry :yes:
  11. i WANT loup. anybody know price in EURO? :smile:
  12. I agree .. do you think it will be bulky at the base??? Have you seen it yet??
  13. i didn't notice any when i was at the boutique last Tuesday. so i have absolutely no idea. it would be nice if Cougar kept it's shape even when empty.
  14. I don't like this line at all.
  15. Yeah, I have seen all the above at my store. Their sizes are perfect for casual use and not too big or small. The Cougar is not bad but I like the Belier more, :smile: not shown above but if you check my post earlier, I bought another new Damier Geant bag. Indeed, this new bags are priced more affordable and love them.