New Damier Geant colour will be...

  1. ... blue. deep, dark, navy blue. with dark blue textured leather trims. well according to my SA anyway. he only has a photo of the LV Cup sunglasses in blue to show me and i think it'll be great :yes: he told me the blue Geants would probably arrive along with next Spring's bags and accessories. but he's not 100% certain. btw, the sable colour will be discontinued.
  2. I KNEW it was going to be blue! HOW HOT!!!

    i cant wait tho!
  3. OMG EXCITEMENT!!! YEA!!! Is the messenger still made in sable?
  4. Oh blue will be a nice change.
  5. i LOVE the damier geant line. it reminds me of the Antigua if not better, sturdy canvas and small pieces of vachetta. I would love something from this line but would I look weird carrying a piece of luggage? If not I could always get something for my son so i can admire it. Im thinking of getting the Yack or Cougar for his laptop.
  6. definitely the yack IMO it's gorgeous I saw it!!!!!
  7. I remember you saying that!
  8. I would like light blue but navy may be too dark :sad:
  9. I just saw this line and it's really dark, I'm not sure I like it yet :s
  10. ^^^ is not the black u saw is it???? vuitton online said this color is black..... or am i wrong this is black and navy is not coming out until spring?
  11. interesting!! hmm ill havta see it in real life when the line comes out, great, thanks for sharing!!!
  12. Yay... I might actually be interested in actually buying something from the Damier Geant line! :P
  13. sweeeet
  14. OK, so my hubby just picked up a bag in this line. He got it in black and the guy SA said that bag in that color was not in the catalog or online yet. So maybe that is what they are talking about?
  15. If you mean ur SA said that the navy was in the catalog and maybe everyone thinks for black is the Navy, then the SA was wrong, the black is available currently and a new colour for the line (the navy blue) will be released in the spring.