New Damier Ebene Release

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  1. Does anyone know the exact release date of the Rose Ballerine interior in the Damier Ebene Neverfull bag!? :heart:
  2. I think it's the 1st of August
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  3. I am so ready!!!! I am trying to be patient and wait for it lol, but I am ready to add the Damier Ebene NF back to my collection, I sold it and I have been regretting it ever since!
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  4. Yesterday, CS told me it will be released mid August.
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  5. Oooh, this gives me something to think about. I'm planning to get a DE Neverfull this fall. Not sure whether I should go for the red or the pink now!
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  6. Yessss!!!! I'm trying to be patient and wait because I would hate to buy it now and then love how the Rose Ballerine interior looks when it comes out!
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  7. I am ready to buy it too. I think rb on de neverfull Will be so nice. I can wait I can wait
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  8. I gotta be strong and hold on, next month isn't toooo far
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  9. But I agree! The RB on DE is gonna be stunning!
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  10. I heard August 1 then someone said end of July and tonight I read pushed to September so who knows?
  11. I'm starting to think no one really knows for sure. SA's and CS state different dates it seems. It might be they release on different weeks for different countries (was like that with the Croisette in April)?
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  12. I am thinking like you Quinni ; not sure about the dates and depending countries. I saw somewhere it could be available in november so :lol: We must wait :giggle:
  13. What!!!! Ugh!!! September seems so far lol,
    End of July would be great.
  14. Well my birthday is in Nov. but I was hoping to get a wallet to match it then lol, not waiting for the entire bag! :sad:
  15. I agree because I have heard different dates as well nothing is set in stone. :confused1: