New damier ebene leather - wrinkling, denting, and overall softness?

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  1. I just bought a Speedy 25 and after a few days of normal usage I noticed the strap is wrinkling and the "belt loop" holes on the adjustable portion of the strap is stretched from the weight of the bag (it's only been about half full). The hole has grown in size and is stretched caused by weight that the metal buckle bears. Is this normal?

    It seems the new ebene leather is very soft, matte, and overall prone to dents and wrinkles. I'm not sure what to do - should I take it to LV? I can't imagine the strap looking good if this has already happened after 5 days of regular use. Did the old DE straps do this?
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  2. A picture would be really helpful.
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  3. To reply in regards to the old DE stretching? No it didn’t. Granted I don’t have a speedy in DE but I do have a NF with the originals Ebene leather and it hasn’t stretched. I’m following as I do like the look of the new matte leather and am tempted to buy a new Ebene speedy B. My friend came back from Europe a few weeks ago with an Ebene favorite and NF and loved the new matte leather look.
  4. I have a SpeedyB 25 from early 2017 and I don't have any stretching on the strap at all.
  5. Same here, my DE Speedy B is a couple of years old, and my strap hasn’t stretched or wrinkled.
  6. You are comparing volume to weight. Half full of cotton balls and half full of bowling balls while still being half full represents a vast difference.
    Not saying you are carrying around bowling balls but ykwim.
    I agree that pictures would help.
  7. Interested to know more

  8. I purchased my Speedy b 25 about 3 years ago and mine has no wrinkling anywhere on it. Many people have complained about the strap digging into their shoulder, but I have never found that to be a problem and I only wear mine crossbody. Love the bag. I have not seen the newer leather on the strap or trim.
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