New Damier Bags on Elux (with link)

  1. just takes me to
  2. Yea dunno what happened sorry guys but you have to go to the bags damier section.
  3. Here we go... Enjoy!
  4. ...interesting. don't know what else to say right now, i'd have to see it in person.

    i don't like the damier print on the inside though...i think it should be red.
  5. Hmmm.. Not bad... The Reporter Melville is $975 and the Broadway is $980... Although the Broadway is a few inches bigger than the Reporter Melville... I don't know which one I want now!!! :sad: I'm digging the design of the Reporter more...

    Also blackbutterfly: There is no Damier print on the inside.
  6. Not crazy about it but it`s still nice.
  7. I like them! I agree though, I wish they were red inside. I guess they wanted to make it unisex and red isnt very masculine, lol.
  8. the messenger ain't too bad. not sure about the side pockets of the reporter though.
  9. hahah red isnt masculine?!

    i love how your bf is wearing red in the pic on your signature ;]
  10. Funny, but are most Damier interior red? I just received my Bastile purchased from Paris and the interior was brown lining. I also remembered seeing the display at my store, the lining was red.

    Could it be they are switching lining colours or something?
  11. Actually, my other damiers are lined orange, with the exception of my new damier 30 lined in red. I believe some are lined in brown. I know my pti damier is lined in brown. They may change due to counterfiters.