New Damier bag Sistena

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  1. I did a search first and did not see anything about this...maybe I spelled it wrong, but this is how the SA spelled it for me....

    Anyway, I was in the Aventura, FL Bloomies and saw a new damier ebene bag on display (not available for purchase until August 1st), called the Sistena. I comes in PM, MM and GM.

    Was a hobo style bag with a clasp in the middle (similar to the Mahina but more structured due to the canvas). Was absolutely beautiful!!

    The SA told me they started at $1700.
  2. I saw it too in person and loved the GM. The MM has only one handle and slid off my shoulder.
  3. Thanks for sharing! I want to get one but not sure wich size yet. Did you snag any photos?
  4. it's one hot bag!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.