New Damier Azur Bags coming soon?

  1. Anyone know? I'm hoping to buy a shoulder bag in Azur in March and I'm hoping they might have some new bags.
  2. Bumping this up in hopes someone might know.
  3. I would love to see some new bags too.
  4. I mentioned this to my SA yesterday and she said that they are overdue, so we should expect to see some in 2013. *crossing my fingers*
  5. I'm hoping to buy my first azur piece in the spring/summer too so hopefully there will be new ones.. I don't see why not though.. But if not, I might just get an artsy in azur since I love my mono one to bits! :smile:
  6. I hope it's before the end of March!!
  7. What happens in March?
  8. Price increase.

  9. Oh! In the USA?
  10. I go to Hawaii!! I plan to buy my next bag then!!
  11. Oh no!! I meant March because I'm going to Hawaii and buying my next bag there! Glad I'll be saving a little - I hate these price increases!!
  12. There won't be any price increases before the Holiday but for sure the beginning of 2013.