New DA cabas...PM or MM?

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  1. Does anyone have the new DA cabas either MM or PM? I'm 5'2 and am undecided which to get. Any advice is welcome.
  2. I saw both yesterday. The PM is very small. When I held it against my NF PM it was smaller. It barely made it on my shoulder. The MM was good but I did not like the bottom. I felt it was too structured and wide.
  3. I don't care for the snaps. When you have the bag unsnapped, that is all you see if it is on your shoulder and you look in the mirror. I was very disappointed in it.
  4. lovethe1urwith I am glad to see you were disappointed also. I thought I was the only one.
  5. I have not seen this bag in person yet but from the pictures i say get the MM!
  6. i actually ordered this but then cancelled it. if i were to get it i would definitely get the mm. with an open top bag, i think the pm puts your belongings too close to the top. jmho. the first time i saw a photo of this bag i loved it, but ultimately i decided it was too structured for me. i actually prefer the lines of my azur nf. i also think it is pretty expensive. i have the ikat from last year and this one is hundreds more. having said that, i still think it's a pretty bag. best of luck if you decide to get one : )
  7. The PM is tiny. Very tiny. I was a little shocked by how small when buttoned. It is cute. But very expensive to be "cute." The MM is a nice size.
  8. Cute bag! I would get the MM.