New D & G Heels

  1. I'll try to find them. I might be able to find a link on eBay. They are the Pigalle style.
  2. ^ Oo i love those.
    I need some silver shoes.
  3. The Pigalles are pretty tough to walk in. LOL I only have one pair of that style and they are a mesh type of fabric so they don't offer much support as is so I can't judge really on that pair. I included the terrible pics of me wearing them (my camera is broken haha). Mine might have the sculpted heel too (have to look). The ones I linked you to are the original heel I think. Somebody else will correct me if I'm wrong. ;)

    Others will tell you the Pigalles are for the celebrities and/or a shoe to get in a car, get to the restaurant/bar and sit. I love the style, but they aren't that practical. The D&G ones would probably be more manageable at 90 mm. The Pigalles are 120 mm. But, I can't resist the red sole. :smile:
    CL Fishet Pumps 007.jpg CL Fishet Pumps 006.jpg CL Fishet Pumps 008.jpg
  4. victoria beckham wore them to the MTV awards and so did megan fox to her premiere [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  5. A_G, if you clicky-clicky my shoe thread (below), you'll see a pair of the gold pigalles in 120mm. I also own a pair of the 100mm silver pigalles (not pictured), which are alot more wearable. I've seen the D&G silver pairs you like, and they are just a tad shorter than my silver Louboutin pigalles, but the material might be from the same factory. The vamp is also cut higher on the D&G, so the CL pigalles will show more toe cleavage. Also, the sides of the CL's are cut lower as well. Sexy as hell, but less support than the D&G's.

    Hope all that helps!
  6. If only my chest looked like Posh's in a dress like that. hahahaha
  7. those are hot!
  8. I think Cameron Diaz wore those D&G pumps also!! They're hot and kinda stripperish but not too overly stripperish to the point where you couldn't wear them in public, but if you wore it with certain clothing then it would look very stripperish. Whew LOL. Say "stripperish" ten times fast.
  9. gorgeous shoes!