New D Bag Bauletto

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  1. Love Tods bags and not sure why haven't purchased more in the past. Here's my new beauty, just purchased it. I do have the shoulder strap that goes w/ it, but forgot to pull it out of the bag for the pix.




    thanks for letting me share my new beauty.
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    OMG LC! I have totally been eyeing this bag! It's gorgeous! Is it the Piccola? Is it easy to get into? I was reading a review on this and she said the zipper on the smaller one was scratching her hand a bit and wasn't the easiest to get into. Any issues with this? I am :drool:ing all over my MacBook. Sorry for all the questions but do you mind giving me idea of the dimensions of this bag? The NM site doesn't have the dimensions, which is probably a good thing since they never get the details right anyway... lol.
  3. gorgeous!! congrats!!
  4. Gorgeous color and such a beautiful bag! Enjoy wearing it!
  5. Gorgeous! Love the color. Congrats!
  6. LC- I followed you here, and LOVE this bag girl! Modeling shots?
  7. Okay, how about later today or tomorrow? I promise ^^ just for you :biggrin:

    There is a shoulder strap that comes w/ the bag, the hooks to attach are just underneath the handles, forgot to point that out.
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    Longchamp and I (without any discussion in advance) ended up getting this bag at the same time--of course she was in Europe and I was in NYC. Mine is the grey in large.

    The large is a big bag, but not overwhelming. When you take the stuffing out of the bag it smushes down a little since the leather is not really stiff.

    Wtih the stuffing out my large (Longchamp's is the smaller) bag measures 16 L x 9 H x 5 W. BUT, I measured the length at the base of the bag and the base is about an inch wider than the body of the bag. I do want to mention also that when I measure I never come up with the exact measurements that the manufacturer shows. So consider my measurements an approximation!! :lol:
  9. It is really beautiful. The shape and details are so distinctive! Enjoy this gorgy bag!
  10. Looooooove it!
  11. Lovely!
  12. LC, it is beautiful without a doubt! You did well my friend!
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    Thanks all for the sweet comments. :smile:

    The D bag comes in 3 sizes, so be careful ladies, if ordering one. to make sure you get the one you want.

    sbelle's sounds like the Restyling or Styling D bag. My bag measurements are 12.5 x 9 x 6.5 About same size as the original LV Speedy.

    I'm not sure about the names of all the D bags, but I do think this is the Piccola., just checked.

    I saw sbelle's bag and completely agree. Big bag but not overwhelming. Love them both.
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    Hi Kyung Hwa haven't really road tested her yet, but just trying her out at home, don't see that the zipper scratching will be a problem. The handle drop is the same for the Restying D bag as this one, I think.
  15. Congrats! I saw this, told my sa to put it on reserved. Shld I go n get it? Argg...ur pict is tempting me!