NEW :D and a question

  1. Hello all! I've been perusing around the site lusting after all the gorgeous bags you all have. I'm pretty new to owning designer bags. It wasn't until my husband bought me my first Marc by Marc bag that I really understood WHY people pay so much, haha.

    A little about me: I'm Emilee and married to a wonderful man in the military who is currently deployed :sad: I have to combat my sadness with handbags, haha. Anyway, I have a question. There are two bags I've been wanting but I only have enough to purchase one at the moment. Which would you buy? I've seen both in person but it still didn't help my decision.




    Thanks guys :smile:
  2. I personally like the MbMJ, but I've been wanting the satchel from that collection (in that color) for myself, so. . . : )

    Also, welcome!
  3. Another vote for bag #1 :tup:
  4. Welcome!

    I like the Marc the color.:tup:
  5. The MBMJ, definitely!
  6. I vote for the lovely #1 and I hope your husband is home soon to see you carry it.
  7. i would choose #1 for myself...welcome!
  8. I guess I'm a little biased considering I own the second bag. And I LOVE it! So I say get the Louis!!!!
  9. I like bag #1 and again Welcome!
  10. it really depends. if you can only afford one, choose the one you will get most use out of. take these things into consideration: are you generally a hand carry bag type of person? or do you like to take comfort and convenience into mind when shopping, if so, go for the MJ. I think the grey MJ is very versatile, you'd be able to wear it year round. the LV is definitely a summery type of bag, to me. it's still a great bag as well, but definitely different... if your'e going for the 25, it will be a lot smaller than the MJ. it depends on how much you carry, how you like to carry it, and how much use you'd like to get out of your bag. all in all, my personal choice would go for the MJ.
  11. welcome to tpf!!! i myself have been on both ends of a deployment, so i understand exactly what you're going through! hang in there, and in the meantime, we tPFers are here to help you pass time while hubby's away:biggrin:. to answer your question, Luna took the words right outta my choice ---> MBMJ
  12. I would choose the Louis.
  13. the speedy for sure!!!
  14. I'm crazy about LV, but between that MJ bag and the Azur Speedy I say get the Marc Jacobs! I love it - what's it called?
  15. Speedy Azur 4 sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!