New Cute (PINK) Sprint Phone

  1. I went shopping today and stopped by Sprint ( my carrier) to see the new Sanyo 6600 aka the "Katana"

    It's really cute!

    My last fone I had was the Samsung 8900-"THE BLADE"...wasnt that great.

    Now I want this cute pink fone!

    CHeck it out..


    It's only $270.

  2. Cute phone! Looks an awful lot like the razr lol. Glad to see ur back shopping! Car's all fixed then? Luv the bag in your avatar!!
  3. I agree very close to the razr.I dont care for the key pad on it( the razr)

    I like the color :smile: Cute phone, Enjoy!
  4. Cute cute cute! I'm a sucker for anything pink.
  5. :yes:

    haha yes! i charged up my Saks card a tad today. ;:P

    and my car is running perfectly. it got me to the mall. :graucho:

  6. The Razr is seriously wack.

    its overated..everyoen has it!!

  7. I agree with you! I have a black one, and it isnt all that. I hate that EVERYONE has it :yucky:
    I do like the phone you posted though... hmm, I've never tried Sanyo
  8. I had a Sayno 2300 and a 200...both were pink. They aren't that bad of phones, just those didn't have cameras!!!

    I would never carry a Razr! :yucky: Everyone and their mama has one, like how every Asian lady has an LV!!!!!!!!! lol :wtf:
  9. ^^^ Ah hahaha :roflmfao:
  10. Vickitoria, I think you're the only PF member that I've actually noticed ALOT so far. LOL out of every1 else i see u around the most!!! :upsidedown: :P :flowers:

  11. Really?? I've noticed you around alot lately too! Haha, maybe its because I have NO LIFE besides this fourm anymore! :upsidedown:
  12. HAHA TRUE. this forum DOES get fun and interesting. I'm on this as much as I am on MYSPACE! Myspace has been acting up lately at night, try to sign on but its down...then i go nuts and hop on PF anyways. :smile:
  13. I think that phone is cute! I like that color pink better than the Razor pink
  14. phone is so cute :heart::heart:
  15. Cute! Very similar to the Razr.