New Cute Flats

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  1. Has anyone seen the gorgeous shoes they have coming out. I would like a pair of each.

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  2. I like the black ones.

    I just wish I could wear flats like those. Every time I try, I cut the hell out of my heels. Or they don't fit right and my heels keep coming out the back.
  3. That's how my keds are...I wore them out shopping (big mistake) & they were making sores on my heels. Of course we were about an hour away from home so I was stuck wearing them all day, making the sore worse & walking funny trying to lessen the pain.

  4. Oooohhh, they are GORGEOUS!
  5. They are gorgeous! I love them all.
  6. I think the styles are super cute but do you think that they will make any in solid leather or solid canvas? I just personally don't like logos splashed all over things - even if it IS Coach.
  7. I love 'em all!
  8. Try foot petals....they have a special style that fits into the back of the shoe to hold it to your foot better (its usually because that shoe is a little too big). I have them in a bunch of my shoes.
  9. holy crap. i want the black ones...
  10. I'm not crazy about any of these pairs, but I do love Coach shoes
  11. Those are hot.
  12. Where do you get them at.
  13. cute!
  14. I saw those at Macy's a couple weeks ago.
  15. How much are they?