New Cupcakes Dooney!

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  1. My mom bought me this beautiful cupcakes Dooney & Burke satchel for my birthday! She had to have it shipped from the Seattle store. This is my first D&B and I know nothing about them, but I'm in love with this bag. It's extra meaningful since she went out of her way to find it knowing I love cupcakes. :cloud9:

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  2. Hi! That's such a fun bag :smile: It's always great when there is an emotional attachment. It makes it all that much more special. Enjoy it :smile:
  3. Awesome! It looks much better in your pics than online. So cute!
  4. This bag is seriously whimsical and makes me feel in the mood for cupcakes. So sweet of your mom to hunt this down; congrats on a great bag. Happy birthday.

  5. It's so cute and happy! It's such a wonderful thought your mother could do!! Dooney bags are good quality and you'll keep wanting more!! Loving the brand since I've been 18 yrs old and I'm 28 already! Happy birthday
  6. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift! The quality, designs, and details make Dooney bags even more special. I love the braided zipper pull with the blue trim, and the blue trim on the sides of the strap and handles.

    I hope you love carrying it for years to come!

    Congrats! Thanks for sharing your special gift and the pic!
  7. Enjoy your "sweet" new bag! That was so thoughtful of your Mom for finding it for you.
  8. Cute bag!
  9. YUMMY bag! :P Sweet of your mother to get it for you!
  10. Love! Such a pretty and well-finished bag! Gifts from Mama are so special - enjoy!
  11. I love this!!!
  12. Congrats!
  13. Adorable!
  14. Enjoy your birthday'll probably be joining the Dooney lovers club for many years to come now! These bags do tend to grow on one :smile: Happy Birthday!
  15. That is so awesome! Oh you will cherish this bag I'm sure. My mom bought me little AWL DB bag in the early 90's and I treasure that bag. I sure want a cupcake now. DB products are quality, quality, quality. I carried my little bag ALOT and it still looks good.