New CRUISE Luxury Ligne colors

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I spoke with a rep from chanel 800 and was told that there are bowlers coming out for cruise and there will be two sizes - small and medium, small will be $2,160 and medium will be $2,420 (these were originally the medium and large bags so I'm guessing they're doing away with the original small bag)and heres the colors:

    in calfskin:
    light beige
    dark blue

    in metallic calfskin:
    dark silver

    Totes will also be available in the same colors.

    Needless to say, I'm returning my metallic deerskin bowler for either a dark silver or bronze bowler :yahoo:.
  2. OMG, let's hope they got it right this time. I want no more peeling, caving in bowlers. Bronze sounds good to me. I wonder if it is the same bronze as the 2.55 reissue? When will they be available?
  3. I asked if these are the same metallics that are going to be used on the cabas and I was told yes! So if anyone was at a trunk show and saw the cabas, apparently these are the same colors.

    I was told they would be out in December.
  4. Ok, let me see if I am able to locate some color descriptions for the Cabas. Molls, are you getting a Cabas/ baby cabas?
  5. dark blue sounds lovely :smile: when do these come out?
  6. how does the calfskin hold up compared to the deer or goat? thanks :smile:!
  7. I'm on the list for a small cabas in bronze. It's so hard deciding upon colors when you can't see the bags in person. We get on these lists for one color and end up loving another one. I didn't get to see the baby cabas in person and I don't even know if I'm going to like it. I really don't like that they took the large "cc's" off the bag. So now I'm on the list for a small luxe bowler in bronze and dark silver :shrugs: .
  8. The SA that I spoke to this morning said the bag is going to be extremely durable.

    Is the re-issue made out of calfskin?
  9. OMG I want a white calfskin bowler. Getting on the waitlist now.:yahoo:
  10. LOL! I'm wondering if the light beige is going to be the same bag that I almost purchased a few weeks ago? It was off white but the box had it labled as light beige.

    These bags are going to be insanely gorgeous!!!
  11. This is the one I'm hoping is white:
    White Matte Bowler 001.jpg White Matte Bowler 002.jpg
  12. I want I want I want!
  13. I can't wait for the Cruise Collection to come out!
  14. Hmm... did the prices go up?
  15. The cruise bowlers will come in two sizes: small and large. However, the small is the size of the current medium bowler that retails for $2160. The large is the size of the current large size bowler that looks like an overnight bag. I think that is $2400 plus.