New Cruise line-denim mini pleaty?

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  1. What do you guys think of the new denim pleaty?:yahoo:

    I really love all the denims from LV/?

    Any of you know if it`s available in the states?:supacool:
  2. I saw the cruise version of it IRL last week and liked it very much... the "stamp" on it is a bit much IMO, but the shape and fabric were so lovely... I liked it even more without the bling hanging from it LOL
    Don't know about the U.S. though.
  3. :yahoo: I checked today at LV they have the mini pleaty and they also
    have the larger Bag, also the custom chain bag worht $2500.-
    mini pleaty otherwise it`s 900.- for the regular pleaty.;)
  4. $900 sounds good for the mini pleaty :smile:
  5. The cruise pleaty with all the charms is very pretty. The charms are loud whn you walk around. If it didnt cost so much I would buy it.

    Maybe one will appear on ebay in a few months for less. I will snatch it up then:yes:
  6. I want the Cruise mini pleaty for Christmas. I hope Eluxury gets them in.
  7. I love the mini pleaty, even though it's small. It is a jewel of a bag. I love the one with the charms.
  8. I've searched Eluxury everyday except for yesterday & guess what came & went... The darn bag!!!!!!!! It's sold out. I hope they get it in before Christmas.
  9. its small but too many charms in my opinion!!
  10. I don't like this bag at all. I think the charms make it look a little on the tacky side. It's ostentatious.
  11. I bought the bag a couple of weeks ago, and I really like it. It holds more than what I thought it would. And I love the charms! And I can take the charms off and put them on other bags - though I haven't done that yet.
  12. I love the Cruise Denim line. The Custom Mini Pleaty is super heavy, I had to pass. I may get the other Cruise Mini Pleaty. I think it's very cute! : )
  13. The regular mini pleaty is super cute!

    It's also larger than the regular Mini Pleaty! I felt like a giant with a dollhouse teacup holding the reg mini pleaty, but the cruise pleaty was much more manageable. :biggrin:
  14. Meh..I like the regular denim MP. Between the stamp and the charms on the Custom one, it has a lot going on, IMO. And it's pretty pricey for the size.
  15. i dont like the stamp on the new pleaty, but i love the chains and charms that it comes with. that is to die for imo. :biggrin:
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