New cruise bag , what do you think?

  1. eh.....LOL!

    Doesnt make me crazy.....
  2. o jill LOL!!!! I like it! :p
  3. I don't like it...
  4. If you like it then bay it :yes:, but I don´t :nogood:
  5. its really nice in python actually! But the only problem with this bag that it is a open top and when I saw this bag it was in the store (so it was stuffed) but the opening of the bag is pretty big. So things might fall out of your bag...
  6. I am actually getting this bag in the yellow leather... I think if you like it get for the price you really can't beat it... I would say if you are just okay with the bag wait until june it will be 40% off
  7. i think i like it better with the print. the patent leather just doesn't do it for me
  8. I want the mono gucci, not the patent. it links to the wrong bag, lol.
  9. sorry...i'll pass, but in the end you should get what you like.
  10. i love this bag... was actually eyeing it. still thinking about whether or not to get it.
  11. I like that one too, but I like the double shoulder strap. Love these bags!!!!!
  12. I like it