New crossbody bag - Gancini Flap Bag

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  1. Hi Ferragamo fans! How do you like this bag? I saw it on a lady in Italy two weeks ago, I thought the leather look substantial but I find the logo too big! In any case, I am on a bag ban till Christmas.. IMG_0703.jpg IMG_0704.jpg IMG_0705.jpg
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  2. It is an elegant saddle bag. Although the logo is bigger than other collection, it is a good proportion to the overall design and the metal is not too thick. I would love to check out the off-white jasmine flower version in person. I am curious about the chain being under the flap and how the leather would wear. Not familiar with these type of strap attachment.
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  3. I saw it at the store, I absolutely love it. IT IS SERIOUSLY Gorgeous!!! It will be my next bag. Guys I am not sure what is happening ;) SF and LV stores located almost across from each other (Natick Mall) . But when I went to LV store nothing calls, I did not like any of the bags (May be I am already fed up with LV? I own 4 LV bags) . But when I went SF , I absolutely loved Gancini and Sofia bag. I will wait for SF sale and I will grab either Gancini or Sofia
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    I’m confused. On the website, this is the Gancini flap: (First photo taken at Saks)
    AC290AA3-D727-4C18-9CD4-6408F089F310.jpeg F8FCC698-3BEE-4328-8C36-F434A9CAD505.png
  5. They are from different seasonal collection. The one you saw is FW18.
  6. Well, gancini is the name of the Ferragamo logo (that metal part), so basically every item which includes that logo is usually called 'gancini bag / belt / shoes' etc. :smile: (as opposed to the 'Vara' bow).. So there can be more than one gancini flap bag I guess... I believe it's not really an official name of the bag, more like the description of it :biggrin:
  7. Well, either way, I purchased it
    I am debating about exchanging it for this Louis Vuitton Twist due to durability and possibly resale value:
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  8. It’s cute but I do like the twist better. Not because of durability, my Ferragamos have lasted very well but I like the overall look of the twist better.
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  9. Another vote for twist. For me this s the best LV bag