New Credit Card

  1. I just got a new credit card with a really low interest rate (prime +2%) with a $5,000 limit - Is it bad that ALL I'm thinking about is handbags, wallets, and other Louis accessories? :shame: :shame: :shame:
  2. dont do cards=evil....dont do it....OK DO IT :smile:
  3. :censor:
    Treat yourself to one reasonable item, be sure to pay it off ASAP..
  4. wow nice rates..
    Yup treat yourself but make sure its not going to take you more than a couple months to pay off! (Im bad too I buy it on credit and it takes me 2 months to pay it off usually)
    But least we're satisfied. :smile:
  5. Don't do anything that results in having to pay the interest rate! It's not worth it, even if the price goes up before you could buy the items you want, you'll wind up paying more money for it with any accrued interest! I only put on credits cards what I know I can pay off by the time the bill comes, before the interest kicks in!
  6. No comment.

  7. ouch.
  8. lol, try to remember how much you spend and if you can pay it back!
  9. Don't do it unless you know you can pay the balance off in full at the end of the month! The last thing you want to do is accumulate debt because of a purse.
  10. I know the feeling. I received a new card in the mail on last week. I thought about buying a new bag but determined that I shouldn't because I would end up paying interest on it.

    It's better to just wait until I have the money to pay for it. But, I do understand the temptation........
  11. So far I haven't used my CC for my bags..I try to avoid the habit using CC. If you want to treat yourself make sure you won;t get into debt and know you will be able to pay it off when the bill arrive.
  12. I understand the temptation..... but really it isnt worth the interest that you will be paying. So unless you are able to pay it off immediately - I would refrain.
  13. Same here. I don't use my credit card unless I know I can pay off the whole balance when it's due.
  14. Like everyone else said, don't do it unless you can pay it off pretty quick. You don't need to be paying interest on a purse!
  15. Please do not put anything on the card that you cannot pay off the next month. I have seen credit cards ruin too many people.