New cream Chanel flats for Cruise

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  1. Here is a pic of the new cream colored flats for cruise, I just bought them!!


    I have the Navy and love them! Neiman only has cream for now.

    If you are interested contact Christine, Las Vegas shoes, she' s great! Email
    1- 800-288-7741

    Also I know Sak's Beverly HIlls has them in, Navy, Black and a Bordeaux. Gorgeous! I want all the colors.:rolleyes:
  2. I will post pics of them when I get them with my other flats! I just love these!

    Does anyone know if they will make them in more colors?
  3. Yum! looks like icecream

    they look oh so good! congrats
  4. They r too adorable!

  5. Classy shoes! I love them in that color.
  6. :girlsigh:love em
  7. congrats! Love Chanel flats.
  8. They're gorgeous! I'm so into white/off-white/cream shades lately. Is that the logo on the toe?
  9. bordeaux, eh? sounds delicious!
  10. Have you seen the taupe/bronze color? They are also very pretty. BTW, thanks for the info on the Navy patent.:tup:
  11. shmoo88: Those are super cute! I have them too!!

    Savannah: They come in black, navy, beige, coral, and the taupe/bronze color you mentioned.
  12. wow they are super adorable. i want!
  13. They're gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

    Love them! :heart:
  14. These are SUPER adorable! How's the comfort level? I bet the navy is just as cute!! Congrats on your purchase and thanks for the pics!
  15. They were a little uncomfy at times the first day I wore them, I think the patent had to stretch a little and mold to my foot, but I wore them again today and they were great, all broken in.