new coupon???

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  1. I am hoping to be at the Grove City outlets this weekend (October 16-17). Does anyone know if there is a 20% coupon? Typically, I receive one via email but haven't for a couple weeks. Perhaps they are handing them out at the door? Thanks for any help/input you may have! :angel:
  2. I've been to the outlets several times over the last 3 weeks and it seems as though they've been handing them out at the door since the end of September. I'm thinking they'll hand them out until the end of the current email coupon (the 17th).
  3. they should be handing them out but I always print one out to have with me just in case. since there is one online good until Sunday, it's more likely they will definitely be handing them out. it's when there isn't one online that no one knows until that morning if there will be one.
    Have fun at Grove City! I used to go to that outlet when I lived in Pittsburgh. It's a small location that gets pretty crowded but I found some great stuff there over the years and the ladies(and gentleman) working there were always very nice.
  4. Thank you everyone--and cathead87- thanks for the email coupon...I don't know why I didn't get it (or probably deleted it without knowing it!!)

    coachsj-i used to live closer to pittsburgh but now live near the pa/ny grove city is my best bet when visiting family and the niagara outlets when I am out on my own! the luxury of having two outlets!
  5. Let us know what's at the outlet please! :smile:

  6. awesome! yeah I was so happy when they opened the Washington PA outlet because then I had two to choose from, haha. When I moved down to Houston, they only had the one and was so used to being spoiled! They just opened another one which is dangerously close though so now it's even better haha

    Have fun!
  7. Thanks! Had a great time-there was a waiting line outside to get in...unfortunately, that seems to be the drill on Saturdays! There actually was quite a bit to choose from. The SA's were handing out the coupons at the door...surprised to see alexandra and maggies in the numbers that I did from the boutiques. There was a croc embossed one too. Lots of MFF Zoes...I hit all the accessories really hard...many were marked down 50% from the lowest ticket price then the additional 20% with coupon...bought lots of Christmas gifts! Oh- Also saw the pierre le tan beach bag...two of them. Bought a pink swingpack for my sister that was from the boutique for a grand total of $43! How can you beat that? Thanks again for everyone's post and for the coupon!!!