NEW coupon code for Revolve

  1. For 25% off, enter DCREVOLVEH07 at check out.

    My CC put a hold on my account. It was flagged "possible fraudulent activities" b/c of all the shopping I've been doing (thanks to all the sales and coupon codes - LOL!):yes:. I had to call them and let them know that it was me all along doing the charging :nuts:.
  2. The same thing happened to me this morning, I tried to order a bag last night with one cc and it was declined so I used another that worked but this morning I got a call from both cc companies. Good thing they are looking out for me. Someone has to LOL!
  3. Can it be used on a preorder item? I want to order juicy velour hoodie, but the size doesn't come in stock until 30th!
  4. ^^You can call them and place the order via phone and they can apply the coupon for you then.