*** New Couple Alert ***

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    According to Holly Scoop, Former 'Sex And The
    City' cutie Kristin Davis and former basketball star Rick Fox are dating. The new couple was spotted dining at Madeo in Beverly Hills, California where a source tells publication In Touch Weekly they "shared bites of each other's pasta, along with a few kisses." :heart:
  2. Aw, thats sweet!
  3. Never would I have put them together. Kim Cattrall maybe.
  4. WOW! I never imagined those two as an item...but more power to them!

    I was under the impression he was dating Sharon Stone....ayone else hear that?
  5. cute couple, I hope it works out
  6. I think they make a cute couple!
  7. wow, doesnt he have herpes :confused1:
  8. Bizarro!!!
  9. Cute!!
  10. not bad.. but she's a little too cute for him
  11. wow, I would have never thought about those two! I think he is cute! lol!
  12. Cute couple
  13. OMG
  14. He's cute and all but I think he's one of those guys that treat women as conquests. :sad:

    ETA: Not that I can say any differently from most men in Hollywood. :rolleyes:
  15. I don't like Rick Fox. Didn't he cheat on Vanessa Williams while they were married? I think that was the reason for their divorce. He was caught frolicking with different girls. Ewww!!!