**New Couple Alert**

  1. After 14 years of dealing with Bobby Brown's nonfunctioning coke d*ck, Whitney Houston has found herself some young meat, in the form of soul singer Ray J (otherwise known as Brandy's kid brother.)

    The 43-year-old diva and the 25-year-old R&B crooner were spotted leaving Maestro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills over the weekend, where one onlooker claimed they were getting hot and heavy.

    No word on what the happy couple did upon leaving the ritzy restaurtant, but if THIS is any indication, fun was had by all.

  2. NO! They were talking about her new album right? She looks healthy. He's not bad looking but please say NO.
  3. She looks much better! I wonder if it is true, that would be awesome for her.
  4. She looks like she is wearing a bathrobe.
  5. Oh, and regarding the THIS picture in the OP... EEEWWWWW.
  6. Good for her :smile:
  7. What kind of bag is that? And Ray J !?! Is he the only person interested? How sad.
  8. You go Whitney! Either speaking about her record or getting a younger man, I hope their sanity washes off on her :biggrin:
  9. OH Heck NO!!! Lil Ray J better be hoping she is putting him on her next album.
  10. how random. i wonder how big sister brandy feels about this.
  11. [​IMG][​IMG]Pictures by Alex Turner
  12. I think he might be producing tracks for her?
  13. awww... anything to keep her away from that dready bobby brown! i dislike him so much
  14. Too Funny :choochoo: :happydance:

    Did not know Whitney had it in her.
    But what do you think Brandi's mother has to say, they must be close in age.:party: Too Funny

    Go Whitney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. OMG!!!!:p :wtf: :push: