New Couple Alert !!!

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  1. [​IMG]New celebrity couple Jessica Biel and Derek Jeter turned heads over the weekend as they proceeded to get their nasty on in front of a herd of horny gawkers at the latest "it" celebrity hangout.
    'At Wynn Las Vegas's Tryst nightclub Saturday night, the pair snuck kisses at the VIP table they shared with Jeter's New York Yankees teammates Alex Rodriguez and Jason Giambi.​

    The next evening, Jeter, 32, and Biel, 24, played blackjack at Palms Casino Resort's Mint Lounge before dinner with two friends at the Palms' Nine restaurant.

    They capped off the night with a visit to Hard Rock's Body English nightclub, where they snuggled, traded pecks on the cheek and were in general "very lovey dovey" in their VIP booth, says a clubgoer.'
  2. they can fit in together .. IMO

    thaaaanks pradas:kiss:
  3. Hmmm I don't know if I like them as a couple. If they are happy, more power to them.
  4. i love jessica:smile::heart:
  5. Jessica is very HOT!
  6. seems like another one of jeter's conquests. jessica is pretty

  7. Haha Your welcome Ms Chloe :heart:
  8. I could see this one happening
  9. I seriously thought she was a lesbian (not that there is anything wrong with that.)
  10. Jessica is very pretty, I can see them together.
  11. Dangit! He's supposed to be with ME! :hysteric:
  12. Good lord! Who HASN'T that man been with?!?
  13. Cute