New Couple Alert (Mandy Moore n DJ AM)!!!

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    Don't know whether this is true, but they were spotted visiting Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Sunset and Fairfax this week.
    N there seem to be some body chemistry witnesses said. I think they would make a nice couple.


    source: - The Latest Updates
  2. Good for them. Hope it lasts but really..who lasts in Hollywood now?
  3. They seem like a really odd couple, but good for them.
  4. Ok ! I hope it works !
  5. I think she is beautiful... so all the best for whatever makes her happy!
  6. Weird...we keep hearing of this same group of people dating pretty much everyone. It's like that whole 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon game.
  7. yeauuu..sorry dont think he's good enuf for her!!
    it's weird that i keep imagining him in his old fat self
  8. She is really pretty! He not that much! loL! I hope it works!
  9. 0o0o how exciting!!! All the best to them both!!!
  10. :roflmfao: so true.
  11. she was seen kissing wilder valdarama in miami during NYE. Shes all over the place. yuck.
  12. I heard that on the radio this morning. I no likey. I was hoping she would hook up with her co-star in License to Wed, JOHN KRASINSKI! Now that would be a cute pair!
  13. I think they look cute.
  14. I don't like this...I secretly still hope that him and Nicole will get back together and get married...
  15. ^ Omigosh, ditto! Not that I don't like Mandy, but she and AM don't fit like Nicole and him do.