New Cotton Club and Square Vintage Totes w/ PICS!

  1. ACK! I was wait-listed for the blue CC tote as a must-have and had the brown SV tote sent "just to see and try on IRL". Well guess what? I *love* the SV tote so much I can't send it back!! It is THE most comfortable bag ever and the leather is TDF; it feels more plush and looks more luxurious than the CC. The SV tote is also larger and a better fit on the shoulder than the CC. I can see why the gals who have this bag love it so much! It is really amazing IRL. In fact, I feel like I have to get used to the CC tote whereas the SV feels like a perfect fit. Swanky, did you feel this way when you first got your CC?

    The blue color of the CC tote is best depicted in the softer photos on the shoulder and arm. It is not bright, more like a muted blue-grey. It's very pretty. I think this tote may be a keeper; it is casual and fun, but also reminds me of a true bucket.

    So ladies, what color shoes would best fit the SV? I know matchy-matchy is no longer a fashion rule, but I'm at a loss here.

    Pics to follow...
    svshoulder1.JPG svshoulder2.JPG svtotefloor.JPG
  2. Here's the blue CC...
    cctoteshoulder1.JPG cctoteshoulder2.JPG cctoteshoulder3.JPG cctotearm.JPG cctotedoor.JPG
  3. :drool: :drool: oh my gosh!!!!! i love both of them but i loooovvveeee the blue cc tote!!! its TDF!!!! i'm jealous! enjoy it!
  4. [​IMG]
    LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Wow this bag looks just gorgeous on you Roey!! I don't think I could return it either. The blue also looks like a very pretty soft blue - not very navy-ish.

    Congrats!! Now you just need some CC shoes!! (I am still trying to bring you over to the dark side of shoes!)
  5. Congrats on your new bags!:yahoo:
    The blue of the CC is so pretty.:love:

    Shoe-wise for the brown tote is a toughie, black would go- and I could see a shoe like the Chanel cork wedge slide sandals in white with it too.
  6. LOVE them both!congrats!!!
  7. Very nice Roe! I'd keep both too since they are so different.
  8. Wow... both bags are gorgeous and look great on you! How exciting!:love:
  9. nice bags and the colors are great too. congrats.
  10. I'm afraid Sherry, very afraid! I am also noticing that the bottoms of my shoes get filthy dirty in AZ because it is so dusty here. I mean blacker than black and disgusting. I would hate to spend big money on gorgeous designer shoes and freak out every time I wear them. I'd first have to find a product to put between the bottom of the shoe and the ground. Hmm, maybe I'm on to something here...
  11. Ohhh, congratulations Roey!! :smile: The SV tote looks amazing on you, and the leather looks so plush and yummy! I really like the Cotton Club too, and the color will look great with jeans, etc.! I would keep them both haha, since they are different enough to justify IMO :smile:

  12. Repeat after me: Chunky wedges, chunky wedges, chunky wedges. Or how about: CC flip flops, CC flip flops, CC flip flops!

    Mon, can you help me out here?!
  13. CC flip flops? I think I may be sold, LOL!
  14. congrats.... love them both....
  15. those are both hot!! omg i would keep them both