New cornflower city

  1. Today I received my first B-bag! Very exciting. It's a cornflower city, won on eBay on Tuesday. It's so beautiful and in great condition!

    Thanks to all the ladies here for everything I have learned and all the pictures I have seen. That helped me to determine which bag and color I wanted for my first bag. You are all very gracious.

    I look forward to many B-bags to come! (or at least just one :smile: )
  2. Ooops, I forgot I could have multiple pics per post. Here are more.
    Balcrnflr5.jpg Balcrnflr6.jpg Balcrnflw2.jpg
  3. Congrats on a gorgeous bag! You look stunning!
  4. congrats the color is beautiful!
  5. aww purty purty!!

  6. Congrats, Lizz! It's a beauty! The best Balenciaga blue IMO. Enjoy!
  7. That's the prettiest cornflower I've seen yet. Very nice!
  8. Your bag is gorgeous! It's soo pretty and slouchy! Definitely the prettiest cornflower I have ever seen too! :love:
  9. That is one of the most beautiful cornflowers I have ever seen!! Enjoy!!
  10. it's a gorgeous bag. I love the color in the city...
  11. Congrats! It's beatiful and a rare color to find!
  12. So pretty! Welcome to the cornflower city club :flowers:
  13. Aw, thanks, ladies for all your nice comments. I have to say that the blue is slightly less vivid than the pictures show. It is just a gorgeous shade, in my opinion. It's not too bright or too dull. Just right.
  14. Blue bbags are my favorite! And I love the outfit you have on!!!
  15. it's beautiful! congrats!
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