New Cornflower Box :)

  1. Hello ladies! .. my latest purchses!! cornflower balenciaga box and an LV custom ring ... :smile: I also got the christian dior star earrings but i dont have pics of them .. sorry!!
    enjoy!! :smile:


  2. Very nice, I love the ring.
  3. i love that box!!!!!!
  4. his angel - loving the box!!! cornflower blue is still a winner!!! yummy!!!

    I just got an origan box and I LOVE the box shape. I wish I could find a cornflower box right now! I might have to resort to calling BalNY and buy it unseen!

    CONGRATS! Enjoy your beautiful purse!
  6. Congrats on the cornflower box!! I have the same one...we're twins!! I really love the box shape and it holds quite a lot.
  7. That cornflower blue colour is just so yummy! Congrats on the Bbag as well as the ring and Dior earrings! What a loot, lol!
  8. Very nice! I'm loving the color - enjoy your new bag!
  9. beautiful bag!
  10. awe, your new b-bag box is sooooooooooo cute his_angel :smile:
  11. congrats, on your new cornflower! enjoy!
  12. Congrats on your new Cornflower Box! I love the color. :+) And your LV ring is cute!
  13. pretty!!!
  14. his angel, your new cornflower box looks great on you. Great choice!

    On my monitor, I detect a hint of periwinkle blue. It's gorgeous.
  15. I love the box size and especially in cornflower. congrats to you :heart: