New Convertibles like Ashley...

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  1. Hi there, I just recently discovered the Ashley. I know this a style a few years old and no longer made. But, are there any new bags out, or coming out that have similar possibilities?

    I love a versatile bag like this...just kinda scared of buying off off eBay.
  2. Try the Campbell satchel in the outlets now.
  3. I have one of the Campbells now, but mine doesn't have convertible straps like the Ashley. I can remove the shoulder strap but that is it. I'll take a look at some of the others in the Campbell line. Thanks for the tip!
  4. It looks like the Campbell satchels currently in FOS have the longer strap that can be fastened underneath like the Ashley satchels did.
  5. Oooo, I have to check the out then! Thank you for letting me know that!