New convert and recent buy...

  1. I'm primarily a Vuitton and Chanel girl but was struck by the Dior bug when I saw this bag (and a few Dior bracelets and earrings)...

    This is my most recent buy, I finally took a picture of it...:smile:

    The Bag and the pretty bow...

    With the vuitton wallet I bought today... :heart:

  2. AWWWWWWWWW! The Trotter Romantique flap bag! It's so darn cute!!!! I think I know why this bag speaks to you...the lambskin-woven chain handles are a LITTLE bit like Chanel.

    Thank you very much for sharing these pics (including a picture of the shopping bag at the beginning so we can feel the suspense when we open this thread)! I hope this is the beginning to a new love (and addiction) for Dior!
  3. Thanks MayDay, that's so sweet of you. I think the effect of the lambskin bow + chain closed the deal. I'm lusting over the lady dior line right now. It's an addiction alright!! :smile:
  4. congrats on the cute trotter romantique flap, bluekit! (and of course that epi -it looks like epi? pardon me i'm an LV noob- wallet looks fantastic as well!)

    two of my favourite things in a picture, it's eye candy heaven for me! ;)
  5. The trotter romantiques are soo cute. Love them :heart:
  6. those trotters are just too cute ...:drool: i feel im not gonna be able to sleep well until i get one ...:heart: congrats and warm welcome in our circle of Dior freakies :party: ..btw i love your wallet epi is the only line i actually like from LV so stylish and chic!
  7. That bag is a beauty
    In fact the whole trotter romantique is so pretty and feminine:heart: :heart:
  8. :yahoo: it's so cute! Congrats!

    Good thing they changed out the velvet strips in the chains. This looks like it'll be easier to take care of.
  9. congrats!

  10. but the velvet strips were more beautiful .....:s
  11. congrats!!
  12. oh wow... this bag is really nice. i love it!

  13. zerodross, thanks!! And yes, it is an epi wallet from LV - my favorite line too from LV. :smile: They are coming out with an ivory epi line in the next few days, my SA showed it to me (although it wasn't for sale yet) and it looked very...spring and fresh!
  14. thanks for the kind words everyone :smile:

    nathaliam - thanks for the welcome! you should get the trotter! I thought the combination of a light color purse and lambskin handle would be disasterous in terms of maintenance. But so far so good, no scatch, dirt, anything and I've been carrying it everywhere!
  15. So cute! Congrats. =)