New Controllato Cards?

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  1. I just got my large chain hobo in the mail yesterday! :love:
    When I looked at the cards and booklets that came with it, the controllato card was all white-the same size of the other cards I've seen, but all white with just black numbers! Is this something new? My last bag I bought at a Gucci Boutique and didnt come with a card. All the cards I have seen online are black and white. :confused1:
  2. Who did you order the bag through?? Was it a reputable selller?
    I would not worry about the controllato cards... they mean nothing... hence you did not get on when you actually bought from a boutique.
  3. I bought it at Thats why I thought maybe they are changing the cards. Has anyone else bought recently from
  4. I also got a white card when i bought my Black Signoria at a gucci store in august :yes:

  5. Can you post a pic!
  6. i got a white controllato card too!!! at the BOUTIQUE!~

    :tup:and the 'information? care? card' is a little different too...
  7. [​IMG]

  8. Thanks Korilyn the bag looks fab too!
    Is the la storia booklet also bronze now not brown?
  9. Yes, it sure is bronze now. I am so excited about my new bag!
    Sorry the one pic is upside down...I tried to flip it , but I guess it dint work!
  10. How long do you think it will be before people on eBay start making these?? HaHa.
  11. They're probably already made!
  12. :cursing::tdown:
  13. Congrats on the new bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You're not going to carry those cards around, so as long as it's not black w/ shiny wordings, you're fine.
  14. Thanks beejerry! Its a little weird to get used to, with the giant horsebit on the handle........ But I've wanted it forever!