~~~~~ New Contest: Pets'n Purses ~~~~~

  1. I've reopened the thread, just because it's been so much fun and we want to encourage more members to share their pet pics!!!

    The voting for the contest winners is happening until next Sunday, June 25th.

  2. oh...dude....my new puppy would EAT any bag I put near him!!LOL!
  3. Lol! That's what I just told my husband. We've got a six-and-a-half-month-old pug and she is wild! If I can get her to hold still long enough, maybe I'll submit a pic.

    This is a great idea, though! Thanks for setting this up, Vlad and Megs!
  4. Oooooo! I can't wait to see all the entries. They are going to be so cute! If I can only get my dogs to stay still to take a pic. :amuse:
  5. [​IMG]
    Molly and Maggie with Kelly
  6. This is Max. He's very regal and proud to be seen next to my beautiful green suede bag.
    PICT0460 copy.jpg
  7. My Bi and my burberry hobo
  8. This is Ace, my 2 year old miniture dachshund mix. Can you tell he's half asleep? :angel:

    Picture 008.jpg
  9. Izzy :love:
  10. OMG! Everyone's pets are SO cute!! They look adorable next to all the wonderful bags.

    Here's Rufus and my LV mary kate. He's sleeping :rolleyes:
  11. ok here's my pic i just took it hahaha, this is too cute! yes i know she looks like a HE, but she's my sweet little girl, check her out in motion! it was so much fun trying to get the bag stay on her non existent shoulders. i might try again with some other bags. hahaha! can we put in more than one entry?

  12. Oh I have the feeling this was a really good idea, these entries rock so hard!!!! :rochard:
  13. OMG these are great!!!!! You are welcome to have more than one entry, and we will be accepting entries until next Wednesday!!! You all have time!!!! :love: :yes:
  14. old photos.. i always put my new bags through a photoshoot w my puppy.
    w pewter first
    w turq city and pewter first
    w sable paddy
    pewterandhol.jpg pewterturqandhol2.jpg pewterturqandhol.jpg P4210658.JPG P4210661_95.JPG P4210665_89.JPG
  15. I'm going to have to put cat-nip in my purse to get the girls to go to it!:lol: