New concern! Do you guys think the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After is too trendy?

  1. I just read an online fashion blog where the writer said she has steered clear of this bag because it is super trendy. Maybe Im impressionable but I started kind of freaking out. I mean I lovvvvve the bag but if its going to be wack for me to carry the bag in like 5 years...then I dont want it! I want a bag that will be in style for years to come, and I had thought that the MA's clean lines and simple styling in a bold color fit the bill perfectly. Am I wrong? Is it too trendy? Please let me know what you think.

    tPF'ers opinions have guided my through so many purchases, and I value the help immensely

    Thanks in advance
  2. Here ya go
    AED20167thumb.jpg rm_ma6.jpg
  3. I don't think it's trendy at all. It's a very classic satchel; nice clean lines. I think bags with things like lots of studs are trendy and those would be the ones that I probably wouldn't still carry.
  4. I think it's a classic! Not too trendy at all, it's a really pretty bag!
  5. Foxi, if you are that concerned, then step back, take a deep breath, and re-evaluate the bags you have bought and are thinking about buying. Who can say what will be trendy? If you want true classic and not worry, then look at bags like the YSL Muse or Chanel or something like it... For what you've spent already on bags, you could have spent a bit more per bag but gotten one or two real classics. That's just my opinion, but....what I"ve found after having been on TPF for a while, and going through the "honeymoon" period of buying bags, I should have been more discriminating and bought just 1 or 2 instead of so many that are already "dated.
    Which I rectified..I now have 2 Muse bags and will be shedding the other more trendy bags. Good luck!
  6. I feel its def a classic.. not trendy at all..
  7. It is a classic satchel. What makes it "trendy" is that many people seem to want it. Don't let that stop you. You live your own life and don't follow trends.
  8. I don't think it's trendy. Most people walking around don't even know about that bag. When you frequent these sites or others like this, you are going to get a skewed view, because everyone here is so handbag obsessed. The shape of the bag is definitely classic. I love it. I don't own one, but would like to.
  9. Who cares?
  10. I think it is a very classy-looking bag. Not trendy at all.
  11. It is pretty trendy and some of the weirder colors might go out of style or look dated, but that is true of a lot of bags. I think it will be sort of like the more classic Botkier triggers, in that it is still something you can wear for several years after the frenzy has died down if you get it in an unobtrusive color. :smile:
  12. The look of the bag is very classic, whereas the designer is trendy right now. There's the possibility that no one will know who Rebecca Minkoff is 5 years from now. If that doesn't bother you then I say go for it. But if it does then stick with a designer that will "always" be in fashion like Chanel.
  13. I would have to say that it is trendy. You don't necessarily have to care whether it will be 'out' in 5 years but I don't think this bag is a classic one. RM is not extremely well-known and this bag is her trademark bag. If she continues to re-innovate the MA bag in years to come then it might be considered classic but right now, it's just trendy. That's not necessarily always a bad thing though, it might just warrant new bag purchases in the future. lol
  14. You seem to have so many reservations.. are you sure you really want this bag?

    I think this bag can have years of wear because it has a simple shape and it goes with everything. Red might not be a hit every year but it does keep coming back... not to mention this looks like a muted red so it should be safe as it is more toned down and neutral.
    Honestly, if you put a great outfit together, who cares if you have a bag from like 5 seasons ago? I key is being able to put it all together and being able to pull it off. People wear vintage stuff all the time.. the important this is whether you like the bag, if you like your bag you will find ways to coordinate with it.
  15. This is what I was thinking. Since it has clean lines, not a lot of embellishment (i.e., studs, grommets) I think it will be classic. It is also a similar shape to some of the classic bags like LV Speedy. Bags that are in similar in shape to classic bags like the Speedy, Channel flag bag, Hemres Birkin, etc. will look fine in 5 or 10 years.