New colours for Balenciaga to see!

  1. Dear Balenciaga People,

    Here are my suggestions for you. I added those special swarovski crystals for hardware too.

    Bag Colour Creator
    acidgreen.jpg amethyst.jpg brightpink.jpg chartreuse.jpg paleoj.jpg
  2. Great idea eeyore :nuts:

    I'm loving your amethyst creation.
  3. Very nice!! I'm liking the bright colors. :flowers:
  4. YES Swarovski crystals for hardware!! :P
  5. I would totally buy the bright pink and paleoj !! Love it :heart:
  6. :yahoo:good job eeyory..
  7. non-crystal ones...
    cobaltturquoiselight.jpg cobaltviolet.jpg permanentgreenlight.jpg
  8. I love them ALL!! Thank god they don't exist or I'd probably be broke!
  9. seriously, eeyore, your colors are better than the ones they come up with. They totally need to hire you!
  10. Oh love the brightpink and paleoj!!!!

    they are super gorgeous.....i want the brightpink i want the brightpink!!!!!
  11. i love em all..... you should apply for a job at balenciaga.....
  12. :drool: I would TOTALLY buy ya paleoj creation!!!
  13. they don't have to hire me, let them just look at all these pretty colours and copy them so we can salivate....allthoughhh that might mean i get eh???? :party:

    i'll make more colours tomorrow!!
  14. eeyore, you are so creative.

    cobaltviolet and chartreuse are my new imaginary lemmings!
  15. Fun and creative !I love all the colors !