New Colour Of B-bag Ss07

  1. I wanna invest my first b-bag, and now I prefer a Natural colour(close to grey?) which is one of the new colour in SS07.
    Or someone intro. a wonderful colour for me? I like a colour that easy match clothes, look young...any suggest?

    I also wanna ask: I may put in lots stuff in that bag(city size), if it carry a laptop, will it be destroy?
  2. If you like something close to grey, a dark neutral color like Antracite is quite popular for the '07 season. Or for more lighter and neutral colors I would suggest, Natural or Sandstone.

    A city is a pretty good size to carry lots AND everyday wear.
    As for your computer ...depending on the model laptop (in terms of size and weight)... a Work might be better if you're planning to carry it around a lot.

    Good luck on your search and browse around the Balenciaga forum, there are tonnes of research and pictures that can be done! =)
  3. thanks a lot.
  4. Hi.... I am new to Balenciaga too....What is the safe colour to go for for the fist Bbag? Anyone advice? Mogano a great colour other than Noir?
  5. You may want to look at Plomb it is grey with blue undertones. If you want a more natural color, you may want to try Mastic, a natural color though somewhat golden. If you do get it with the sgh, that seems to tone it down some. I am suggesting these to colors because they are from the current season. There are tons of other options if you are willing to do a little more leg work and find selections for past seasons. You can go to the ref. where colors are listed by seasons.

    I just bought a city and can't imagine putting my laptop in it quite frankly but that is jmho. I ta with Pinkcaviar that the work might be a better option for you.

    bemavis- monago is a beautiful color. Brown with a slight red undertone. Something different than nior but I think it would still go with alot.
  6. Hi....Thanks for your advise and I have set my mind to go for NOIR for the first Balenciaga City bag. A classic

    Any recommendation of online shop selling authentic Balenciaga bag? We have to pay $1500USD for a balenciaga bag in Singapore. Choice of colour is limited too....
  7. cOngrats on making your decisions... keep us posted when she get to you~! :yes:
  8. Gray sounds like a great neutral light color, also a dark one is good too. I also like the anthracite, it's very pretty and interesting to look at.

    As food putting a laptop in your city, I would suggest you not unless it's a very light laptop. The weight of the laptop might deform the shape and the leather of the bag.

  9. Hi...Thanks for the post.. I have placed an order with AlohaRag with my first Balenciaga City in Noir...

    Waiting for their reply on the delivery...

    Cant wait to see my first Bbag....