New colour Bleu Agate Alhambra launch

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  1. So very exciting...I just came across these pictures on Instagram. These are currently on Hong Kong...

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  2. Oh yes!
    Bleu Agate. It’s beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos.
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  3. Thank you so much for the great photos! I am in love with blue agate!
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  4. Wow!!! Love at first sight
  5. Beautiful! Is it going to be a permanent addition?
  6. Really pretty-thanks so much for sharing!
  7. Stunning.
  8. Such a beautiful and vibrant blue!!
    Thank you for sharing such gorgeous photos.
  9. I was told that it is indeed going to be a permanent offering.
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  10. @swisshera, if it becomes the permanent collection , we would all have some blues in our collection. Great
  11. True! I love my TQ and Lapis but I am really tempted to get these agate too. I haven't seen it in person though but I love that pop of color. Hopefully it is a very strong hue that doesn't get compromised by the semi- translucent property of the agate.
  12. You've captured my thoughts exactly!
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  13. Thanks for pictures, these blue agate looks great. Does anybody know the price???
  14. Hi Swisshera,
    May I know which country your SA is based?

    I had some conflicting information, was told this will only be sold in certain cities, and in Asia only HK and Sydney (with Sydney being launched in November) :sad:
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  15. Any news on earrings/ring?!