New colors Longchamp le pliage

  1. some of these are on sale at right now...I don't know what's sold out or not, but for sure the bilberry was on their site the other day!
  2. Thank you, I thought it might be a dark purple that is almost black. In some pictures I have seen it looks like black but not exactly, in others it looked like a dark purple.
  3. the new limited editions have faux medals on them. very army-like.
  4. does anyone have pics of the new ones?
  5. i have a pic which shows the color of slate. it's not a proper pic of the bag though.

    but i'm loving this color alot alot. it's like a murky shade of green.

    please pardon the legs beside the pic. :p

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    Some very bright colours will be out in the SS10 collection of Pliage.

    Citrine, Hot pink, ocean blue, bright lilac and a new bright red.

  7. Jeremy Scott x Longchamp collection for AW09 has been fun.

    And now that bilberry is sold out in the large tote bag, maybe people will buy the bag with medals instead ^^
  8. yahoooo !
  9. I've posted some pics of the SS10 pliage collection
  10. will there be new colors for the le pliage Fall/Winter 2010 collection? or any seasonal releases? :biggrin:
  11. ^ clementine8, welcome. But please, there is no need to post the same question several times. If I find out I will post on TPF.
  12. Yes, it is almost black in certain lighting, but it looks purple when you're outside in natural light. Pic of my Le Pliage (large) in bilberry:

  13. THis custom bag has bilberry sides. It looks like a very deep purple in real life.

    I :heart: bilberry! I hope it comes back into the Longchamp boutiques for the fall.

  14. definitely ok its water proof and wipable as well
  15. nice