New Colors in Vintage Leather

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  1. Anyone, other than myself, considering the new vintage leather colors (natural, citron, clay), but are afraid of them. I am so afraid that I'll get something on them and you can't clean vintage leather. I already treat my Mandy Natural as if it were a newborn! How do you get over this fear.
  2. I have the clay shoulder flap and I am not worried about the color being too light as it is not. I know that it will develop a patina as I wear it. This patina once formed will protect the bag somewhat. I also own the Ergo Vachetta tote in natural and the Ergo Vachetta Hobo in Natural. My tote has patinad wonderfully and is really beautiful. I am not too crazy about the citron color as of yet as I find it too yellow for me. Maybe it will grow on me.
  3. I really like the citron. I feel the same way. It seems so delicate. I also wonder if colors would transfer onto the clay colored leather.