New colors, Grenadine, Mimosa, Vieuxrose - pics


Jul 20, 2008
Thanks for sharing...
Vieuxrose>>>I've been waiting for this color to show up, now I can't wait to see it in person. I love Vieuxrose, I wonder if it's more on the darker shade of Salmon, like the CGH City above or lighter like the Velo as shown. I really like the darker side. This is such a YUMMY! color, I can definitely wear this color w/ my neutral wardrobes, whites, blacks, beige, kahkis, browns, camels...


Sep 2, 2010
Thanks for the pics!

Truly, I love all three of these colors. I've been waiting, waiting, waiting for just the right spring bbag. I'm never a fan of pink, but I love both the grenadine and the v-rose.

And mimosa??? For some reason, my eye keeps on going back to that color. Bright, happy, matches-nothing-so-matches-everything kind of color....
May 15, 2009
Washington DC
Wow!! Awesome pics!!! I saw Vieux Rose in shoes last week and have been dying to see the bag pics, I really love it, especially the SGH!!!!! Not crazy about Mimosa with the covered HW but I can't wait to see it with RGGH!