New colors for Thompson?

  1. I apologize in advance if this has been discussed. I tend to not check in much during my school semesters and I can't seem to find the search feature anymore. Today when I popped into Coach, I naturally had to peek in the red book and I noticed new colors for the Thompson Hobo. The book showed a new shade of brown, darker than the toffee but I'm not sure of the name (Walnut?), and also Ivory. Also showed the Hampton's vintage carryall in "blue" which was actually quite nice-but then, you all know of my love for the color blue.

    I'm sooo excited about the new Thompson colors because though I loved the style, the toffee and ink never really spoke to me-well, not enough to part me with $598 anyway. But the new colors are beautiful imho, I was :drool:.

    There were other Thompson's in the new colors too and I think Miranda in the blue as well but don't quote me.
  2. Great to know, Thanks!