New colors for St. Louis Goyard Tote

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  1. Hey guys!

    I am ready to purchase a new Goyard Tote but isn't Goyard coming out with new colors like Chocolate Brown maybe or Beige? or how about gray (not the white one) I can only ask my friends from HK to buy for me since there is no Goyard boutique in the country where I live. But my friend who lives in HK doesn't know anything about bags :sad:

    So, do they have new colors aside from the usual whites, blacks, black/tan, blues, etc? :smile: I'd really love it if they would come out with a chocolate brown! :smile:

    Thanks for the help!

  2. I have no idea but Oh I'd love chocolate brown as well.
  3. Perhaps e-mail the Paris store to see if there are new colours coming out? They're quite helpful there and will let you know whether we can expect to see something new.

    The Goyard boutique in Hong Kong closed some time last year and from what I understand, it's not possible to buy Goyard there anymore.
  4. Oh really? :sad: That's so sad! But thank so much for the info! My friend who's a buyer for Gucci went to Paris last month and he told me that Goyard came up with a new color. It's gray/beige! I am hoping they would come up with Chocolate brown as well! That would be nice ei? :smile: Thanks so much for the help!

    Oooh! One more question, do you think you guys can help me identify the different colors the GM tote comes in? :smile: Thanks a bunch! I have a white one but it's getting kinda dirty already... So I want to get a new one that has less maintenance :smile: Thanks again so much for the help!

  5. Maybe this was the colour someone else was referring to in another thread. It sounds like a lovely combination! Looking forward to seeing this colour in person.
  6. They came back to an agreement, and should be opening up again, just not at the Peninsula anymore.

    I think. ;)

    ETA: Opening again in HK January 2011, back at the Peninsula, under new management :smile:
  7. Great news about the reopening in Hong Kong. Now I'll have to go back to HK for a holiday just to buy Goyard!
  8. i've seen one of the new fall/winter items during my last trip to Paris in July. there is a light grey but it is embroidered woven fabric not canvas. so i am not sure if this is what you meant by new color.

    the sample shown in the store is a north south fabric tote which is not related to the St. Louis tote at all.

    may I ask where did you hear that they are coming out with new colors?
  9. thanks for the news about hk reopening
    defn makes me feel better to go back to hk instead of pressure in europe

    its a sign that i need to become a goyard girl soon : D
  10. Hi Mette! It was me who asked about the gray/beige color. Someone was selling online that's why I asked about the color. Knowing that there IS a color, I'll definitely buy it ASAP. Thanks Girls!
  11. Yay for the return of Goyard in HK! Can't wait! :smile:
  12. I'd probably check with the Paris store first that the colour has definitely been released to help provide confirmation as to the authenticity of the bag you're wanting to buy.

    Good luck with the purchase. :smile:
  13. great news
  14. Hi ladies,

    I'm new with Goyard and I'm thinking to get my 1st St Louis. But I still have some doubts about the colors, size n ordering the bag.

    1. Does anyone know what are the classic colors and which colors are special colors?
    2. Has anyone ever tried to make an order through phone or email? How long will it take for us to get the bag? (I'm in Singapore).
    3. How much is the charge for personalization for strips and letters?
    4. Should I make an order (online) from Paris or London. Will Paris be cheaper?

    Thank you for yr help n advice.
  15. Hi & welcome :biggrin:

    1. Classic = black/black, black/tan and red, special: green, yellow, orange, light blue, navy, white and grey.
    2. Don't have experience with that, sorry! :smile:
    3. €125 up to 6 letters, same for stripes €125, metallic €250
    4. Paris still is the cheapest. :smile:

    Good luck! :biggrin:
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