New Colors for Spring

  1. I think they are making each color of the Legacy Stripe.

    You have to take a round-about route to get to them but there are some new colors/bags on

    Here are links -



    How I got to them from the home page click on "new@coach" then click on "early spring" to open the catalog. Scroll to the pages with the bags then click on the picture of the bag - the window will open up.

    Enjoy Ladies!
  2. The first one is really cute!
  3. I love the first ones too, the colors are so interesting and different.
  4. Lovely.
  5. I really want the Andrea in Fatigue. That is my spring wishlist. I hope they still have some in May.
  6. awesome! i found the metallic when we were able to find the punch, but never found the first two bags, good going!
  7. I really like the Andrea :smile:
  8. I love the metallic one!!!!! I must get that!
  9. The first bags colors are more like fall, but I really like them!
    Metallic bags are all the rage this season!
  10. I love the metallic soho too! I am aiming for that!
  11. i LOVE the andrea in the fatigue color! that green is so me! i really like it! i didn;t think i like too much from the new line! now i have one possibility! thanks!