new colors for reversible stripe tote bags!!!

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  1. so you like the bags????
    and......what is your favorite new color????
    i'm loving the punch and the white...........
    i just love the look of the signature khaki w/white...looks so crisp and spring like........:yes:
  2. I agree!! The khaki/white combo looks so clean!

    I also love the khaki/punch but the website says that monogramming is not available for that color.

    I own the Signature Stripe Reversible Large tote (and accessories) in khaki/mahogany and I love it!
  3. I love white with the khaki sig too...Love the Punch color...but I already have a tote (and the accessories) in Parchment.

    I saw the light blue on Thursday. In the hat. One of my SAs showed it to me, it's cute.

    So-femme, maybe the monogramming will come later.
  4. I like the khaki/gold one the most still.
  5. I hope so cause I'd love to get the demi for my daughter with her initials on it... her favorite color is pink.
  6. I'm loving the punch.
  7. I LOVE the punch color!
  8. You can't get the punch with initials...
  9. love the punch...and guess it's a good thing i don't like the monograming!
  10. unable to monogram the white either........oh well...i still love the bags
    was thinking of how cute a wrislet would be in white or punch w/ the new flower key fob attached!!!! may have to stop by the boutique tomorrow....they are open at 7am!!!!:yahoo:
  11. 7am?! sheesh.

    i always feel bad for the people who have to work that early after the holidays...let alone, having to deal with crazy shoppers!
  12. I noticed that is said the new colors had PATENT trim. Hmmmm.
  13. I also love the punch too! hha, its a beautiful color!
  14. I love the punch color too! What does the flower key fob look like, I don't see it on the website?