New colors for lux ligne?

  1. Hey trunk show ladies... Does anyone know if and what are the new colors for the lux ligne this season? I have been yearning for a bowler and wondered what will be coming out before I start searching for an older style/color. :drool:
  2. i know that the lux ligne for this year is pretty much all going to be in patent. I haven't been to the trunk show, but I've seen the catalogs and they have colors such as black, navy blue, red and white in the bowler and tote.
  3. I may be wrong, but I only saw the distressed patent in the luxe ligne at the trunk show. I saw white and blue for sure.
  4. I'm on the list for the blue! It's a gorgeous color.
  5. And the luxe flap bag?
  6. What shade of blue, dark, light, navy?
  7. white-non patent for sure, saw it on the Flap already, also there's a distressed gold color, let's see if I can find a pic from the NM catalog. . .
  8. Cruise Luxe bowlers came in distressed black, white, bronze and dark silver. I think the S/S ligne is only patent in white, black, navy blue and red.
  9. Also red distressed patent too but Neiman Marcus did not buy any.
  10. so, will the bowlers be available in the new patent colors??
  11. i think there is a gold - maybe darkgold
  12. this exact bag used to also come in denim....does anyone have a pic
  13. the one I attached a photo of yes?
  14. swanky, not sure - i just saw a picture of it.:confused1:
  15. I was playing with this in the Chanel store yesterday - it's gorgeous!