New colors for Julianne!!

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  1. JAX said that there will be walnut and grass colors in the Julianne! Has anyone seen these colors IRL? What is the dark yellow Julianne called that is on the Japan website? Has anyone seen this one? Thanks!!
  2. The grass shows up on one of the websites. I think it was, could have been Nordstrom. It is a light green, I wouldn't have called it grass, which I would think of as darker.
  3. the yellow one on the japan site is called ginger
  4. Not sure if this helps (most pics are not actual pics, just Coach pics)
    Don't know which new colors come in Julianne. Got walnut drilldown pics for walnut and pics of some of the other colors but for the Sabrina. Have not seen grass IRL, just on Japan site. Thought I saw walnut Sabrina a few days ago and I love the color!
  5. I don't know about the other colors, but I saw the walnut in real life and it is gorgeous! Very beautiful warm brown.
  6. yellow would look nice :smile:
  7. walnut sabrina is gorgeous!

    not supposed to be on sale until friday (in Canada at least) but SOMEHOW they let me buy one today!!!

    really nice rich brown, bright green inside, totally beautiful