New colors-buckskin?

  1. So I've been going on to the Coach website for a while; I haven't been to the boutique recently as I'm on vacation, but I would LOVE to see the new buckskin color IRL! The minute I set down my suitcases in my home on Sunday I'm so going to go shoot over to Coach lol! Before that happens, can fellow members relieve my misery of these two more days with what you think of the new colors, especially buckskin? If it's truly gorgeous I may have to buy a 6x8 planner in that color! I am such a sucker for the new turnlock agendas/planners :p Any opinions?
  2. I also LOVE the buckskin color! Although, I have seen it in person and still prefer the Legacy camel. The Legacy camel has a hint of butter that I love!.
  3. Really? I've tried on camel, but somehow it didn't look good on me (I have black hair and extremely pale skin), so may be buckskin will...? :graucho:
  4. I have the Bleeker Bucksin Flap No. 11419. The color is that of a latte or cappuccino.
    It is really beautiful. I actually like it more than the Natural Ali. It is really a breath of fresh air. I will post some pictures later tonight.
  5. LOL...I'm blonde with a warm medium skin tone...maybe thats why I like the buttery Camel...:yes: Buckskin is a great color. Looking forward to Liz's pics!!!:tup:
  6. Here is the buckskin color. This color is a bit light to wear right now unless you live in the south or west. I will start carrying this bag when I start wearing khakis, linens and eyelet fabric. It is a really great neutral color.
    IMG0001_50.jpg IMG0002_18.jpg
  7. Wow! Beautiful bag! Congrats! :drool: I think I'm really liking this color :yes: such a nice light hue. Can't wait until Sunday to get to the boutique! An agenda/planner in buckskin may look nice...:graucho:

    However, due to its light color, do you think it will scratch easily? Or will that be the same for any other color?
  8. That's a beautiful color, Liz! Thank you for posting! This would make an excellent color choice for summer in South Dakota!
  9. I don't know that it will scratch easily but when it does scratch you will see the scratches. I plan on conditioning this bag with Apple Conditioner to protect it
    from scratches. Note that any of the burnished leathers will show the scratches.
    I really don't mind the scratches, they add character and show that my bag is being loved (carried).
  10. thanks for the pictures Liz! i love it...*Mmmmmm buckskin*.....:girlsigh:
  11. Wow! Good point! I never thought of scratches on leather that way. I have yet to own a Coach; the only bag I have is a leather Prada bag and it doesn't scratch easily, so I guess I'm used to that kind of leather. Depends on everyone's preferences I suppose! :yes:
  12. I had a small flap all leather bleecker...Ordered in British Tan...It arrived in BUCK SKIN...I first thought it was the ugliest color...But then...Upon later inspection I really thought it pretty. And agree it's a bag for warmer weather. And thus wanting to use my bag now...Opted to call and have it replaced with the original Tan I had wanted. I think my inicial outlook was more shock seeing a lighter leather than I was expecting...And caused me to not appreciate it...It's really beautiful...

    But the distressed leather it comes in...Does scratch...But if you just rub your finger over the scratch...It blends in and you can no longer find where the scratch was.

    The scratch thing was driving me NUTS...I have a bit of OCD and things must be "just so"...So it sort of drove me crazy at first...But I'm learning to live with it...the more scuffs I rub out...the easier it's getting.;)

    Beautiful color...With a blackish tint hear and there...
  13. Forgive me my ignorance, but what kind of leather is the burnished leather? Are the Coach leather usually that kind or does it depend on the color or the style? I could be kind of anal in my bags/things getting scratches so I would like to know. Would the bronze/gold combination scratch easily too?

  14. Burnished leather...:confused1:...That isn't distressed leather is it? I'm not sure to be honest...I know my Pebbled Leather doesn't scratch easily at all...It's very soft and durable. If you don't get your answer here...Post a new topic...Maybe you'll get someone with that leather whom will be able to help assist you on your question. All I know is the distressed leather continues to distress as you use it. And it eventually screams CHARACTER!
  15. The bags where scratches rub out with the oils on your skin are the Legacy Leathers.
    If patent leather gets a scratsh it stays there. Burnished leather is the leather used on most Ergos and Bleeker Bags. Here is what Coach says about it's burnished leather

    "The natural leather maintains its high sheen with proper care and does not darken
    with age. Spots or stains can be removed from hand burnished leatehr by wiping it with a clean, dry cloth. To remove scratches and to keep the leather supple, buff the item with a soft cloth or with Coach Leather Moisturizer. Please do not use Coach Leather Cleaner on burnished products."

    In all honesty all bags get scratched with use. If you don't want any scratches on your bag you should not use it or purchase signature. I know you were thinking about a Buckskin agenda - this will scratch as it will see plenty of use. If you don't want something to scratch you might want to get an agenda made of fabric like the Legacy Striped Agenda.