New Colors appearing on

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  1. I was playing around with the searches on

    I just did a search for the word "blue" - and the Patricia Bag (from their classic collection) now also comes in Navy and New Navy!

    If they decide to make the "basic" bag in Navy I will be a very happy customer!
  2. Those have been on there for a while silly! Just wait until the new ink, i'm drooling already!!

  3. A while!!!! :wtf: I need to spend less time on TPF - more time shopping.!!!!

    HEY COACH!!!


    MORE RED!!!

  4. Sprinkles:

    Is the new ink color going to be offered in the Legacy, Ergo or the Bleeker Collection? Also when will the Bottle green legacy color be offered. I want to buy a new Legacy bag but only in the bottle green.

  5. What color is the Atlantic listed on that one bag in the new catalogue?